Saturday, July 17, 2010

In your words lies deep thirst...

Draw a reason,
the light that witness,
the far side from darkness
Do you think there'll be a tomorrow?
hundred etereal ways to cast you,
Dire you to get trapped in dreams,
Do you believe?
That you can change the frecuency of filthness,

Sing whole day,
Not for me, you or somebody,
In our hearts fails the second sight.
Rear, watch, now that you´re in line with horizontal,

Theres no way for us,
Follow the blossom,
climb the trees,
At all, today you decide what's for tomorrow.

You did all to win,
once and again,
in front of your eyes,
you are not forgotten
still, sliping away,
avoiding the track that reachs you.

You, leaving away,
in my eyes,
you are not forgotten,
none a day.

blow her hair,
show her the way,
haste to her steps,
dreams all connected,
you will never be forgotten.


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LiLLy LuLLaBy said...

i wonder about that muse...