Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Camel spiders... oh shit!

This picture was taken by fellow troops in Iraq. These are camel spiders, and you do not want to run into them. These things can cruise as fast as a man running, no problem. They like dark places, when they can find them, so our boys would find them in all sorts of places: in coffee pots, under sleeping bags, in latrines, anyplace cool. You have to shake out your sleeping bag before going to sleep, or else you might slide into bed with one. They mostly eat other bugs or scorpions, but aren’t afraid to take a nasty bite out of whatever is bothering them. More than one soldier was benched for getting a piece of his finger bit, and at least one G.I. was sent home after it attached itself to the guy after he got into his bag with one. (He has just arrived the night before, and didn’t know the drill.) No one is exactly sure where it bit him, but he hasn’t been back.

Camel spiders

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